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Canine Massage in 3 Easy Steps DVD



Natalie Lentons “Essential Guide To Safe, Effective Canine Massage At Home” will give you all the skills and techniques you need to enable you to give your dog a full and comprehensive massage treatment at home right away.


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Why We Love it
The only Canine Massage Video that guides you through a full body routine with your dog, ensuring you get it right every time! In just 1 hour, you'll learn to provide your dog with the wonderful benefits of massage. Suitable for all ages and breeds, it helps senior dogs and those with orthopedic issues like Arthritis or Hip Dysplasia, as well as active or sporting dogs. Developed by Natalie Lenton, a Professional Clinical Canine Massage Therapist, it empowers you to give your dog a thorough massage treatment at home instantly.
When & How To Use It
Watch the video to learn a full body dog massage routine. Ideal for all ages and breeds. Give your dog a massage at home for relaxation, pain relief, and well-being as often as needed.

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