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Cleany teeth



Experience stress-free dental care for your dog with CleanyTeeth technology. This ultrasound-based treatment removes tartar, destroys bacteria, and reaches deep into gum pockets for a thorough and gentle cleaning. Enjoy the benefits of reduced gum inflammation, tartar removal, and improved blood circulation, all without noise, vibration, or abrasive particles.

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Why We Love it
We're impressed by CleanyTeeth for Dogs' innovative approach to dental care. This technology offers deep cleaning and tartar removal, targeting areas bristles can't reach while reducing gum inflammation and mouth odour. The non-invasive, quiet, and gentle process provides effective results without the need for anaesthesia.
When & How To Use It
Incorporate CleanyTeeth for Dogs into your pet's dental care routine. With its ultrasound technology, it offers a safe and effective way to clean teeth, reduce tartar, and improve gum health. Simply apply as directed, allowing the ultrasound to work its magic without the need for movement or vibration.

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