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Techmira Cleany Teeth Toothpaste



Elevate your dog’s dental care with CleanyTeeth for Dogs Toothpaste Gel, a revolutionary solution harnessing nano bubbles and ultrasound technology for effective cleaning without abrasive particles. Formulated for ultrasound conductivity and digestion, this toothpaste gel gently cleans teeth and gums while preventing irritation and enamel damage.

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Why We Love it
CleanyTeeth's groundbreaking approach to canine dental hygiene uses ultrasound technology and specially formulated toothpaste gel, it offers a non-invasive, efficient solution for maintaining oral health.
When & How To Use It
Incorporate CleanyTeeth into your dog's oral care routine for effective results. The ultrasonic dog toothbrush, equipped with ultrasound-compatible toothpaste gel, cleans teeth, prevents decay, inflammation, and tartar, all while promoting gum health. Follow the provided instructions to use the toothbrush and toothpaste gel together, ensuring a stress-free and efficient dental care routine for your furry friend.

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