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Orange Dot Dicky Bag

Dicky Bag


The Orange Dot Dicky Bag features 4mm thick neoprene rubber with a thin polyester covering on both sides, offering water resistance. A practical accessory for dog owners, providing an odour-proof storage solution for poop bags that come in various sizes.

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Why We Love it
The Dicky Bag boasts lightweight, waterproof, and soft properties with odor-proof seals and seams. Handcrafted in Cornwall using top-quality neoprene for durability, it comes with a clean storage pocket that accommodates various styles of pick-up bags. It's also washable in a 30-degree machine wash and can be air-dried after cleaning.
When & How To Use It
Attach the Dicky Bag to leads, harnesses, belts, or bags. The bag's tough construction ensures longevity, and regular zip maintenance is recommended to prevent damage. The storage pocket holds up to 2 rolls of poop bags, offering convenience during dog walks.

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