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Digital Thermometer

Genia Digivet


The Genia Digivet Thermometer is a user-friendly tool designed to accurately measure your pet’s temperature. Featuring a flexible, waterproof tip, this thermometer ensures a quick and comfortable temperature reading.

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Why We Love it
The Genia Digivet Thermometer's flexible tip and rapid temperature measurement in just 10 seconds make it a convenient and stress-free tool for monitoring your pet's health.
When & How To Use It
To use the Genia Digivet Thermometer, apply a natural lubricant like 'Yes' or a little olive oil to the tip of the thermometer. Gently insert the flexible tip to a maximum depth of 1 inch into your pet's rectum. Carefully tilt the thermometer to the side so it can touch the rectal wall and hold it in place until the alarm beeps. Gently remove the thermometer and view the temperature reading on the display. Wipe it clean and then disinfect the thermometer.

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