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Swamp Cooler™ Dog Cooling Vest



The Swamp Cooler Zip is a cutting-edge cooling solution for dogs during intense, sun-soaked adventures. Combining shade-providing spandex with Ruffwear’s innovative Swamp Cooler™ technology in the chest panel, this sleek and modern vest effectively disperses heat from the dog’s core. By simply soaking it in water and zipping it on, your dog can experience the benefits of refreshing evaporative cooling.

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Why We Love it
This vest is the perfect companion for warm-weather adventures. We love the Swamp Cooler Zip's intelligent design that blends style with function. Its easy-access zipper, sleek appearance, and advanced cooling technology make it a must-have for keeping dogs comfortable and safe during outdoor excursions in scorching conditions. This vest is the epitome of cooling comfort, now featuring improved abrasion resistance and enhanced water absorption for longer-lasting cooling in high-exposure areas.
When & How To Use It
To activate the Swamp Cooler™ tech, soak the vest in water, zip it onto your dog, and embark on your journey. When the vest dries, a simple re-soak recharges its cooling effect. The addition of side-release buckles ensures easy on/off, and the lead portal accommodates harnesses for added convenience.

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