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ECOcool 35 Ltr Cool Box



The versatile Outwell ECOcool 35 litre cool box stands out as a best selling thermoelectric unit that excels in both cooling and heating functions. Designed to align with European ECO legislation, this cool box incorporates cutting-edge energy-saving technology and optimal ventilation for efficient performance. Equipped with a convenient icepack divider, it’s an essential companion for picnics, camping trips, and extended family getaways, offering spacious storage while keeping items approximately 20 degrees below ambient temperature.

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Why We Love it
For its adaptability and eco-conscious design. From its energy-saving features to compliance with ECO legislation, it's a modern solution for maintaining the freshness of your provisions during various outdoor adventures. Especially loved by raw feeders.
When & How To Use It
Whether you're on a camping expedition or a road trip, this cool box ensures your food and beverages are kept at the desired temperature. Choose between cooling and heating functions based on your needs, with the flexibility to use 12V or 230V power sources. Its fold-flat handle and antimicrobial interior enhance convenience and hygiene, making it a reliable companion for your travel and outdoor activities.

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