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ECOcool 35 Ltr Cool Box



Premium 12V/230V Electric Cool Box: Perfect for those needing to travel with their dogs raw meals which will be kept at approx 20 degrees below the outside temperature.

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Why We Love it
The ECOcool cool box maintains contents at 18 - 25 degrees below the outside temperature, making it a crucial companion for storing your dog's raw meals during your holiday adventures. It's compact enough to fit into your car's boot yet spacious, providing ample room for 35 liters of food. What sets the ECOcool apart is its innovative design. The intelligently divided lid allows for quick access without releasing all the cold air, preserving the internal temperature. Additionally, the ECOcool offers the convenience of an optional ice pack, slotting within the walls to divide the space below and enhance cooling efficiency.
When & How To Use It
In preparation for your journey and to optimise space for your dog's raw food, we recommend partially defrosting, portioning, and sealing the meals in ziplock bags. Flatten them, then re-freeze (which is not a problem for raw fed dogs) ready to be placed in the cool box for your travels.

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