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Luxury ‘Oscar’ Dog blanket

Dudley & Co


Our luxury dog blankets, also perfect as sofa throws, are made of high-quality faux fur with a faux suede underside. The Oscar is jokingly referred to at our house as the ‘owner’s blanket,’ as we all gravitate towards it. It adds a touch of luxury to the home while providing your dog with a cozy blanket to snuggle into. Ideal for keeping dog hair off the furniture and maintaining a stylish look in your home.

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Why We Love it
A luxurious and stylish blanket/throw crafted from high-quality faux fur with a soft faux suede underside, The Oscar is beautifully soft and offers an opulent tactile sensation. Its neutral colouring complements all sofas effortlessly.
When & How To Use It
Whenever you or your pets need a cosy snuggle session, day or night, use it on your sofa, bed, or your dog's bed, and indulge in its heavenly softness.

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