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No walks? No worries!

Sian Ryan


Facing the six-week crate rest challenge for your dog? ‘No Walks? No Worries!’ is here to help. Surgery or medical care often demand this restricted period, leaving owners unsure how to provide mental and emotional support during the no-exercise phase. Navigate the journey with confidence using beautiful illustrations and progress-tracking worksheets to tailor your dog’s care plan.

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Why We Love it
We love 'No Walks? No Worries!' because it's a lifesaver for dog owners navigating the challenge of post-surgery crate rest. The expert guidance and thoughtful insights ease the stress of managing a dog's recovery period. The book offers practical advice, mental stimulation techniques, and emotional support ideas, ensuring a smoother journey. The beautiful illustrations and progress-tracking worksheets are invaluable tools for tailored care and a happier, healthier dog.
When & How To Use It
When your dog requires complete rest, recuperation, or after surgery this wonderful book will guide you to teach your dog alternative skills and support them through emotional and mental stimulation for a smoother healing process.

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