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Paw Plunger

Paw Plunger


This innovative product effortlessly enables a hassle-free cleaning of your pet’s paws after their daily walks.”

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Why We Love it
The Paw Plunger, a must-have for every dog owner. Simply fill this clever contraption with water and gently plunge your dog's paws up and down—while the soft bristles work their magic, efficiently cleaning off any dirt, ice, or pavement rock salt that they may have encountered. It's a lifesaver for our pup with paw allergies, offering quick relief by removing environmental allergens and preventing dirt from entering our home. During summer, it's our go-to for removing grit and debris, and in winter, it battles the persistent grime. Keeping your furry friend clean has never been more effortless.
When & How To Use It
Place a towel under your dog, fill the Paw Plunger with warm water up to the top row of bristles, and then gently dunk your dog's paw and lower legs in and out a few times. We always include the Paw Plunger on our packing list for camping and cottage holidays.

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