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Photizo Vetcare Red Light Therapy



Easy to use non invasive ‘Light Therapy’ treatment tool to accelerate natural healing in pets.

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Why We Love it
Photizo Vetcare utilizes Red Light Therapy with non-invasive LED technology to stimulate cell activity in pets, aiding rapid healing and pain reduction without recovery time. Particularly effective for chronic conditions like arthritis and injuries, it maintains bone, nerve, cartilage, and muscle health while preventing tissue degeneration. User-friendly for at-home use, it offers an affordable alternative to professional treatments. The rechargeable, portable design allows versatility in addressing skin issues, musculoskeletal problems, post-op recovery, and more.
When & How To Use It
To use, simply place the top of the Photizo Vetcare device containing the LEDs on the area of your pet's body that you want to treat. Then, press the power button and stop when the timed treatment finishes. Each dose is pre-programmed and tested to deliver the optimum amount of red light therapy per session.

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