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Porch Potty

Porch Potty


The Porch Potty is a self-draining Grass Dog Toilet, perfect for properties without a garden, featuring an innovative self-draining system. Crafted from high-quality resin wicker, it’s ideal for new puppies and non-house trained dogs. This innovative design ensures convenient drainage, making it an excellent choice for those without outdoor spaces, providing a hassle-free solution for pet owners in various living environments.

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Why We Love it
The ingenious mind behind the Porch Potty, revolutionized pet toileting solutions for dogs in gardenless homes. Although a dog toilet is not typically considered attractive, the Porch Potty has been thoughtfully designed to be as aesthetically pleasing as possible. With its attractive wicker frame blending functionality with aesthetics It has dual draining options for convenience and a choice between real or artificial turf, The Porch Potty is easy to keep clean and can be complemented by the recommended enzyme-based odour neutralizer compatible with both turf options.
When & How To Use It
When first introducing the Porch Potty to your puppy or dog, it's recommended to start with the organic, natural grass sod called 'Training sod.' This natural grass composition helps your dog recognise it as a designated toilet area, facilitating a quicker and smoother transition by leveraging your dog's natural instincts. Once your dog establishes a usage routine, you can transition to the provided artificial grass sod included with every Porch Potty. P.S. Don't forget the enzyme odour neutralizer ('Turftastic')

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