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The Airlift is a lightweight, packable sling to safely carry your dog if they become injured or sick while you’re hiking, snowshoeing or skiing.

The Airlift is…

✔️Easy to use and recommended by veterinarians and Search & Rescue

✔️Lightweight (0.24 k.g – 0.3 kg. depending on Airlift size)

✔️Packable in a stuff sack (so it can always live in the bottom of your backpack)

✔️Designed to fit medium, large & extra-large dogs

✔️Created by dog lovers for dog lovers, so you can always adventure with peace of mind

No matter if you’re a mile from the trailhead or more, you’ll be able to carry your dog to safety… even if you’re alone.

Choose the right size:

The measurements listed below are the ranges that will fit each Airlift size.

Medium Size: 9 – 20 kg., 23 – 35 cm. from back leg to front leg
Large/Original Size: 20 – 32 kg., 33 – 45 cm. from back leg to front leg
XL Size: 32 – 68 kg., 43 – 61 cm. from back leg to front leg (consider the Airlift XL-2 package, which includes additional accessories)

If your dog is in between sizes, we recommend buying the larger size. This is not a custom-fit sling, and it’s safe and functional if the Airlift is a little loose on the dog. But, please measure your dog to make sure your Airlift will not be too small.

See the how-to guide & videos below to properly measure your dog.

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