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Snugglesafe puppy comforter (Bonzo the Dog)



A fabulous super soft and comfy Snugglesafe Pet Cushion that has been specially designed to hold a Snugglesafe Heat Pad.

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Why We Love it
We absolutely adore the Bonzo for its delightful and generously sized cuddly cushion, which pairs beautifully with the SnuggleSafe heat pad. Crafted with exceptional quality, it becomes an invaluable aid in ensuring a smoother transition for young puppies adjusting to their new home, particularly during those potentially anxious night time hours when the house falls silent.
When & How To Use It
Your pup may find comfort snuggling with Bonzo day and night, but it will be particularly beneficial at night when heating drops and it is coupled with the optional Snugglesafe heat pad.

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