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Soft Kennel Fabric Dog Crate



Exceptional German design with meticulous attention to detail. A pinnacle in soft fabric dog crates, it boasts features like sturdy mesh panels, roll-down blinds, seat belt straps, and a washable floor panel, all anchored by a robust metal frame. Available in various sizes, this foldable kennel offers both comfort and security for your pet.

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Why We Love it
This soft kennel is the epitome of reliability and convenience. Its steel frame guarantees durability, and thoughtful features like secure zippers, waterproof base, and removable cushion ensure your pet's safety and comfort. The ease of setup, foldability, and compatibility with car travel make it a versatile choice for pet owners seeking a top-tier solution.
When & How To Use It
Utilise the crate for all your pet's needs, from domestic relaxation to transportation. Choose the appropriate size based on your pet's dimensions.For car travel, secure it with seatbelt straps or bungee cords in the boot. Gradually introduce your pet to the kennel, following enclosed instructions, to make it a cosy haven.

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