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The Other End of the Leash: Why we do what we do around dogs book

Patricia Mconnell


Animal Behaviorist Patricia McConnell unveils a revolutionary new perspective on our relationship with dogs, whilst also shedding light on how our human actions are perceied by ‘man’s best friend’ and offers essential advice on possible ways we can improve and strengthen our bond. A must-read for dog lovers, offering profound insights into connecting with our furry friends.

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Why We Love it
Discover a revolutionary perspective on our bond with dogs in 'The Other End of the Leash.' Dr. Patricia McConnell, a seasoned Animal Behaviorist, unveils invaluable insights into how dogs interpret human behavior. With over two decades of expertise, she sheds light on the nuances of canine communication and offers essential advice on fostering a fulfilling relationship. Learn to speak 'dog' and unleash the best in your furry friend by adapting your approach based on their canid nature. This compelling guide unravels the secrets to effective communication, teaching us to connect with our dogs in a profoundly enriching manner. A must-read for every dog enthusiast, providing a transformative journey into understanding our beloved canine companions.
When & How To Use It
Read a chapter a day to absorb the insights gradually. Implement Patricia McConnell's advice during interactions with your dog. Observe the positive changes in your relationship as you understand and apply these techniques

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