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Total Recall Book

Pippa Mattinson


An international bestselling book by renowned dog training expert, Pippa Mattinson. This comprehensive dog and puppy training manual is easy to read and designed to address a common challenge faced by dog owners: getting their dog to come back when called! The book is structured into three parts: Preparation, covering essential information to support you and your dog throughout the training process, including insights into how dogs learn, practical reward-based training, and advanced training. It also provides a detailed Recall Training Programme with practical exercises to achieve success.

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Why We Love it
Total Recall' stands out as possibly the best guide you'll find for advice on recall training. With clear, engaging writing and a well-structured approach, this detailed reference guide is designed to assist you in building a successful recall from the ground up. You'll discover a wealth of valuable tips and a useful problem-solving section. This book is your go-to for mastering recall training and strengthening the bond with your furry companion.
When & How To Use It
When training your dog we believe little and often is best. So short daily exercises will benefit both you and your dog, and help build a succesful bond with your dog swiftly returning to you when required.

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