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Wolf Fish Flatties



Wolf Fish Flatties: gently air-dried, delicious, and nutritious natural dog treats, excellent for skin and coat health.

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Why We Love it
Wolf Fish Skin Flatties – Or dogs crave these wonderful air-dried fish treats.. Crafted from 100% Wolf Fish skins, with no additives or preservatives, they are naturally nutritious and packed with highly digestible protein. These tough skins assist in teeth cleaning due to their naturally abrasive texture. They're ideal for dogs with dietary sensitivities, being both wheat-gluten free and hypoallergenic. Your dog will love the delicious taste and you'll love giving them a treat that's both wholesome and nourishing, Harvested from fish zone 27! (250gm pack)
When & How To Use It
Suitable for dogs aged 16 weeks and over, Wolf Fish Flatties are the perfect treat for dogs. Your dog will love the delicious taste, and you'll love giving them a treat that's both wholesome, nourishing and long lasting. It is always recommended to supervise your dog when feeding treats and ensure they have access to plenty of fresh, clean drinking water.

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