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Yumove Plus for Dogs



YuMOVE PLUS Max Strength is a potent dog joint supplement tailored for dogs with stiffer joints, offering 50% more power* for enhanced support. With its unique ActivEase® Complex and added fish oil, this chewable tablet aids mobility, soothes stiff joints, and maintains joint structure, all in just 6 weeks.

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Why We Love it
YuMOVE's Max Strength formula, provides exceptional joint support for dogs needing extra care. Its high-strength blend of natural ingredients, including Green Lipped Mussel and Omega-3s, contributes to improved joint health and mobility.
When & How To Use It
Incorporate the chewable tablet into your dog's daily routine, spreading doses throughout the day for optimal results. With its proven formula, this supplement offers a powerful solution for dogs with stiffer joints, aiding in mobility and joint structure support.

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