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The Dudley Dogcast is hosted by Elliot Wilson, a life long dog owner and lover, a journalist whose by-line is often found on the financial pages of international newspapers and magazines

Amanda Zuydervelt
The Dudley Dog Cast: Amanda Zuydervelt

Dudley & Co Founder Amanda Zuydervelt talks to Elliot Wilson about the origins of how Dudley came to have his own brand.

December 2022

Ashleigh Flemming
The Dudley Dog Cast: Ashleigh Flemming

When Ashleigh wanted a black dog she never imagined the one she brought home would be a silver brown mix by the time he had a bath.

January 2023

Claire Bennett
The Dudley Dog Cast: Claire Bennett

Claire chats to us about holistic dog care, allergies and all things dogs from a lifetime of dog ownership.

March 2023