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‘Oscar’ Dog Blanket

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Our Dudley & Co. ‘Oscar’ dog blanket has been curated to luxuriously indulge your dog in unparalleled warmth and comfort whilst complimenting the home with its lavish design. Whether elegantly draped on your couch, gracing your human bed or nestled snugly in your dogs own sanctuary, its versatility knows no bounds.

The ‘Oscar’ has been designed using a magnificent high-quality faux fur and paired with a velvety soft faux suede underside, it adds a generous touch of luxury to the home while giving your dog a sumptuous blanket to snuggle into. This divine blanket will have all members of your family gravitating towards it, which is why in our home we jokingly refer to it as the “owners blanket” – a testament to its universal appeal and undeniable opulent charm.

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Plush Comfort

Immerse your dog in luxury with the ‘Oscar’ dog blanket. Crafted from high-quality faux fur and a gorgeous faux suede underside, its not just a blanket – it’s a coveted retreat. Perfect for puppies and adult dogs. Our blankets offer warmth, style and a chic solution to keep your home looking fabulous. Treat your pup to ultimate comfort with Dudley and Co’s curated collection of designer dog blankets.

Luxury design

The deep pile of The ‘Oscar’blanket provides an unrivalled indulgent feeling, perfect for snuggling into.

Premium materials

Made of the finest quality Faux Fur with Faux Suede lining making it perfect for vegan households.

Your blanket or your dogs?

With our generous large size, you can both enjoy its luscious comfort without compromise.


Available in two sizes: Large fits most sofas & beds, or folded for indulgent cushioning in your dogs bed. Small is ideal for most dog beds, crates, or car use.

Luxurious Faux Fur

Experience unparalleled softness with our high-quality faux fur, providing a cozy haven for your pet and a touch of luxury for your home.

Durable and Protective

Crafted for durability, our blanket withstands multiple washings, ensuring it remains a reliable and protective accessory for your pet and furniture.

Easy Care

Enjoy the convenience of machine-washable luxury. Follow our simple care instructions to keep ‘The Oscar’ dog blanket looking and feeling its best.

Tailored Perfection

Whether you have a playful puppy or an adult dog, our dog blankets come in two available sizes so ideal for dogs big or small, both provide warmth and security.

Superior Comfort

Limited Edition ‘Paddington’ Dog Bed

Our bespoke dog bed was designed to complement the ‘Oscar’ Dog Blanket. Named after Paddington, a little scamp that lived in Notting Hill who was both model and chief dog bed tester. He loved a snooze.

Made in a woodworking studio in Hackney, in East London, from FSC certified American white oak or in pine and hand-finished with a non-toxic hard wax oil, our beds are both stylish and functional.

Limited quantities available – pamper your pet with this exclusive offer.
Prices start at £290.00

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‘Oscar’ Dog Blanket