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DUDLEY is a magazine for dog lovers.

Created with dog owners in mind, it's the place to go for everything dog-related. You'll not only find helpful hints and tips including dog training & health advice, but also a wide range of lifestyle content. Everything from insightful pieces on the important work of dog rescues & charities to reviews of dog-centric books & films; enjoy our "Bark Once for Service" pet friendly city guide and even celebrity interviews with their pets.

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What’s Inside that Canine Mind?
Dudley & Co’s guide to the five best books for helping you, get inside that canine mind.
Bark Once for Service: London
Dudley & Co’s guide to the best (and most luxurious) dog-friendly hotels in London.
The Star of Hackney Downs
In reaching out to locals, dog-friendly north London pub unearths celebrity fans.
Off the Leash: Adventures in Dogland
Our selection of books written by authors who have travelled with their dogs.
Mumbai’s (Doggie) Sanctuary
Yoda is one of the best and most loved animal shelters in India’s biggest city.
Lost Dog by Kate Spicer
How losing your faithful hound can make you withdraw from the world - but also embrace it.
Animal Rescue with the Mile High Pup
D&C hit the road with Flying Fur - a charity that saves dogs from certain death and finds them loving homes.
Bark Once for Service: Cambridge
Spectacular views and heavenly food plus it has a resident dog called Ralphie.
Bark Once For Service: Singapore
Dudley & Co reviews the Lion City’s best dog-friendly hotel
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