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‘Rizzo’ Dog Coat

  • Warmest

  • Waterproof

  • British-Made


The cornerstone of our collection, our delightful ‘Rizzo’ Coat featuring a rainproof vibrant fleece lining and a double collar for warmth, complimented with an innovative water-resistant belly band. Not only will the ‘Rizzo’ keep your dog warm and dry, but be prepared for the compliments from passers-by, as it exudes both elegance and handsomeness in equal measure.

Crafted with premium materials the ‘Rizzo’ provides a barrier against the elements without compromising on movement and breathability. Whether your dog enjoys playful romps in the snow or a casual stroll in the rain. The ‘Rizzo’ is the perfect coat to protect your pooch.

The ‘Rizzo’ coat is named after the dog that inspired us to start the company. A Hungarian Vizsla who walked with pride when wearing his dog coat on the fashionable North London streets. The smart, sharp look of the light grey ‘Herringbone’ fabric is a nod to Saville Row tailoring while the cerise fleece lining adds a pop of personality. The ‘Rizzo’ is the perfect blend of functionality and style.

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Tailored Luxury

Introducing our Signature ‘Rizzo’ Dog Coat!

All season dog coat where elegance, comfort, and functionality come together.

Premium Materials

Crafted with exquisite materials both the Herringbone and Spots ‘Rizzo’ fabric were sourced for their qualities and durability.

Double Collar for Warmth

The main collar provides additional comfort and warmth whilst the secondary collar adds a touch of style & finesse.

Fleece Lining

High quality rainproof fleece lining designed to keep your dog cosy and comfortable.

Water Resistant Design

Protects from splash back in rain & wicking of moisture into the coat from male dogs.

Adventure Ready

Designed with all dapper dogs in mind, whether strutting the streets of London or marching over the North Yorkshire Moors.

Unique style

Choose from two luxurious fabrics and two delightful interior colour options to tailor your pup’s coat to match their unique personality. Because every dog is a trendsetter in their own right.

Inspired by Savile Row Tailoring

The crisp sharp look of the grey Herringbone fabric pays homage to Saville Row tailoring.

Design & Tailoring

Meticulously crafted, the ‘Rizzo’ epitomises style, offering a stunning coat designed to grace your companion through every season.

Unveiling the British Touch in Every Thread

The Rizzo is not just a garment; its heritage is intrinsically woven into every fibre. Handcrafted in Britain, each stitch carries the legacy of traditional craftsmanship, enveloping your dog in a timeless embrace of comfort and style.

‘Rizzo’ Dog Coat