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‘Tilly’ Drying Coat

  • Highly Absorbent

  • Antibacterial

  • British-Made


Our delightful ‘Tilly’ Dog Drying coat will remind you of a luxury spa hotel dressing gown. Crafted from sumptuously soft organic bamboo and featuring a superb and unique advanced trademarked inner fabric that rapidly absorbs and locks in moisture and doggie odours, it offers unparalleled drying power and comfort. The beautiful design of the ‘Tilly,’ is accentuated by its gorgeous contrasting Velcro for a pop of colour and personality, which ensures a perfect fit.

  • Super absorbent natural materials
  • Deliciously soft & luxurious
  • Bamboo is considered by many to have hypoallergenic & antibacterial properties
  • Organic Bamboo

The ‘Tilly’ Drying Coat takes its name from ‘Tilly’ the lively Springer Spaniel, who delights in seeking out all sources of water from the dewy fields of Surrey, to the muddiest of quagmires in Somerset. Tilly always required a vigorous towelling down before entering the home or car, but now thanks to the ‘Tilly’ Drying Coat, soggy dog odours and muddy trails are but distant memories.

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Wrap your dog in Luxury

Introducing The 'Tilly’, the crème de la crème of drying coats, designed to last!

A unique drying coat offering the perfect blend of functionality, style, and luxury.

Eco-Friendly Materials

Sustainably made from organic bamboo, a carbon-negative material, absorbing more carbon dioxide than it emits during its growth.

Adjustable Fit

Featuring a sumptuous rollable neck with Velcro closure for added comfort, elasticated rear leg loops and a wide contrasting Velcro belly band that affords your dog the perfect fit.

Trademarked Odour Resistant Fabric

Experience lasting freshness with our odour-resistant fabric that effectively neutralises and resists unwanted odours.

Moisture-Absorbing Lining

Incorporating an advanced trademarked fabric that swiftly wicks moisture away from your dog’s body, leaving them snug and warm.

Quick Drying Technology

Featuring our unique moisture-wicking technology, coupled with the natural absorbent fibres of Bamboo, The ‘Tilly’ will swiftly dry your dog allowing them to return to a comfortable temperature.

Chic Colour Choices

The Tilly drying coat comes in two sumptuous colours, accented with vibrant Velcro for a delightful pop of colour

Natural Fibre

Organic Bamboo, prized for its luxurious, breathable, sustainable, and eco-friendly qualities, it stood out as our ultimate material of choice.

Design & Tailoring

Designed and tailored to provide a snug yet comfortable fit for most breeds of dogs, allowing them to move freely.

Meet our Muse:
Tilly the Springer Spaniel

Named after this lively muse. The ‘Tilly’ Drying Coat is crafted with her enthusiasm in mind, ensuring every bounding adventure ends with comfort and style. At Dudley & Co. we honour our canine companions by naming our products after the very dogs that inspire us.

‘Tilly’ Drying Coat