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‘Blue’ Dog Bandana

  • Tailored

  • Reversible

  • British-Made


We created our bandanas with a Great Dane in mind, the sheer size of her meant she was frequently mistaken for a boy. So we designed an extra large one for her in bright pink so people would assume she was a girl. We also named the bandana after her.

In keeping with our British Heritage we have chosen to use the unique fabrics from the Liberty London range, their fabrics offer a wonderful choice of interesting prints that will add a delicious pop of colour to your dogs wardrobe.

Dudley & Co. bandanas are designed to be reversible, so the underside has a gorgeous contrasting block colour for extra va va voom! We offer bespoke options tailored to your specific preferences, should you require a made-to-order bandana or want them tailored to a specific fabric for weddings or celebrations.

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Chic Canine Couture

Introducing Dudley & Co’s Luxury Bandana

Accessorise your dog with a stunning Liberty Fabric Dog Bandana


Meticulously designed and produced by hand in our London studio using superior fabrics & invisible stitching.


Crafted with stunning contrasting cotton Jersey fabric, our reversable bandanas are easy tie on, and lightweight for comfort.


100% Genuine pure cotton Liberty fabrics, (some are organic), using breathable fabrics.

Bespoke option

We would love to create a unique Bandana for your dog, please email us to discuss.

Tailored Comfort for Every Breed

inspired by diversity, our bandanas come in sizes fit for all breeds. From Dainty Dachshunds to regal Great Dames. Ensure your dogs unique style is celebrated with a perfect fit.

Luxurious Fabrics and Patterns

From playful prints to trendy patterns, our collection offers a mix of styles that perfectly compliments your dogs personality. Embrace the spirit of individuality and let your dogs unique personality shine through in their perfectly tailored accessory.

Alerts on our New Collections

Our collections are limited editions, so once they’re gone, they’re gone! Sign up to receive alerts for new fabric releases. Additionally, if you’ve fallen in love with a fabric, we offer bespoke bandanas made to measure with your choice of fabrics.

    Stunning Liberty Fabrics

    Made to Measure Bandanas

    Renowned for their rich heritage and intricate designs, Liberty fabrics have captivated fashion enthusiasts for generations. Founded in 1875, the brand’s iconic prints draw inspiration from nature, history, and cultural influences. From classic florals to bold geometric patterns, each fabric embodies elegance and style. Liberty fabrics have garnered worldwide acclaim, and we’re privileged to include them in our collection, offering our customers the opportunity to purchase a timeless classic.

    ‘Blue’ Dog Bandana